Daughters of Bulgaria is a group of Christians from different organizations and denominations partnering together to address the issues of women and children who are

  • at risk of being enslaved in prostitution
  • already enslaved in prostitution
  • trafficked in and beyond Bulgaria for the purpose of being sexually exploited.



The vision of Daughters of Bulgaria is to see the Bulgarian Church equipped and engaged serving sexually exploited women in Bulgaria and Bulgarian women throughout the world with targeted efforts in prevention, intervention, and restoration.


The mission of Daughters of Bulgaria is researching, networking and mobilizing, and implementing pilot projects that assist women in moving from vulnerability to wholeness.


Members of Daughters of Bulgaria

  • believe that all people are created in God’s image and therefore are of eternal value.
  • are in personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are serving in a community of faith in Him.
  • seek to serve The Church as a whole.
  • seek to share the Gospel with the belief that wholeness only comes through relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • appreciate evangelical diversity within the group and see it as a great strength.
  • seek consensus within the group in all decision-making.
  • seek to provide a safe environment within the group where ideas can be shared openly and honestly, where forgiveness is extended and received, and each person’s reputation and integrity are guarded.