Daughters of Bulgaria
Conference on Holistic Approach to Trauma Care: Body, Mind and Soul

23-26 April, 2018

Speakers include:

Diane Langberg, PhD., Psychologist
Dr. Katherine Welch, medical & health consultant to organizations serving abused, trafficked and exploited people
Carolyn Bramhall, author of Am I a Good Girl Yet?, a memoir on Dissociative Identity Disorder
Yanitsa Nedelcheva, family therapist and trainer

Seminars will discuss both medical and psychological viewpoints and treatments for victims of trauma. Certificates of completion will be offered for each seminar to those in need of further education credits.

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100 Euro – all sessions, Monday dinner, lunch and coffee included


15 Euro per session


Център „Въздражване”
Renewal Center
Ulitsa “Osogovo” 86
Sofia, Bulgaria 1303
(map below)