Daughters of Bulgaria works with like-minded organizations in Bulgaria and around the world to develop and implement strategies targeted at rescuing women and children from human trafficking. These strategies generally fall under one of three categories: Prevention/awareness, intervention, and reintegration.


The Daughters of Bulgaria coalition views prevention as one of, if not, the most important strategy for stemming the tide of human trafficking. With this in mind various organizations in Bulgaria, including those involved in Daughters of Bulgaria, are working with at-risk youth through literacy, education on the risks of being trafficked, and job training. The value of preventing a person from being trafficked pays huge dividend not only for the person, but for society as a whole.


It was the sight of women working openly on the roads of Bulgaria that the Daughters of Bulgaria first came together. There was a desire to find a way to reach out to these women and provide for them the love and support that they were not getting elsewhere. The primary purpose of the outreach team is to provide a listening ear for the women, and through this process develop relationships which can eventually go deeper. The outreach team takes coffee and tea to the women each week. Small snacks are also available if the women want something to eat. Throughout the year on special occasions, gifts are also taken to the women and at Christmas gifts are also provided for their children. The team also provides Bibles for the women and their children and several books appropriate for the women have been translated and printed.


The Rose Garden Project (RGP) is designed to meet the specific recovery needs of sexually exploited/trafficked women through implementing not only a residential program, but by providing a Day Program with a curriculum designed to meet each participant’s specific recovery needs. RGP provides ongoing support with increasing levels of independence woven in for up to 7 years. RGP offers services not only to the women, but also care for their children. RGP provides a home-like environment where live-in volunteers share their lives with program participants as if they were their own family members.

For further information on the Rose Garden Project (RGP), click on the link above; contact us directly at info@daughtersofbulgaria.org.

The Rose Garden Project has adopted the SA Foundation (Servants Anonymous) Canada’s Program Model. The SA Foundation is a Christian-based program widely recognized as one of the few programs worldwide meeting the specific long-term recovery needs of sexually exploited/trafficked youth, women and their children. The SA Foundation’s Program Model has been replicated in Canada, the U.S., Asia and Europe. For more information, visit www.safoundation.com.