Please support us,

Through Finances: Donate!

Every single life touched by the ministry of the Daughters of Bulgaria is 100% reliant upon charitable contributions. Thank you for your partnership with us for their sakes.

The Daughters of Bulgaria Foundation is a registered foundation in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria and the European Union: For either cash or direct bank-to-bank transfers, donors in Bulgaria receive official certificates of donation according to Bulgarian legislation.

Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer of Funds:  Raiffeisen Bank (Bulgaria)
                                                                    IBAN: BG33RZBB91551006437140
                                                                    BIC: RZBBBGSF

USA: For tax deductible charitable contributions, use this link:

Mission to the World logo  Daughters of Bulgaria Project

To the General Fund, to operate

  • Outreach and Prevention/Awareness efforts
  • The Learning Center of the Rose Garden Program (Day Center for the Rehabilitation of   Women)
  • The residence/apartments for Rose Garden Participants
  •  Legal documents, taxes, attorney fees, and staff

For Specific Financial Needs

  • Monthly sponsorship of the Rose Garden Program and the women (often with their children) desiring to leave the life of prostitution
  • Project funds for the translation, publication, and distribution of audio and printed resources focused on
    • (1) prevention & awareness,
    • (2) outreach intervention to women currently enslaved in prostitution,
    • (3) training and equipping of volunteers and staff in recovery issues, including PTSD and vicarious trauma
  • Scholarships for highly at-risk youth to participate in summer camps where their vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking is expressed
  • A scholarship fund established for survivor women who are committed to bettering their lives through academic education or employment skill training

Critical Financial Needs

Please email us at and we will let you know of “hot and present” needs (i.e., a participant in the Rose Garden Program who wants to finish her academic education needs text books, uniform, shoes, school supplies; the office printer just died; we need to hire an attorney to assist a woman with securing a divorce from her pimp; a woman in the Rose Garden Program needs extensive dental work).

Please support us,

Through Time: Volunteer!

Time is priceless. Can you give of your time to do any of the following?

  • participate on the Outreach Intervention Teams
  • research and keep others up-to-date on current issues related to commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking of Bulgarian youth, men and women
  • proofread Bulgarian translations of materials before publication
  • share your abilities and skills with participants in the Rose Garden Program
    • Teach English, computer literacy, sewing and embroidery, knitting, art, sculpture, parenting skills
    • Tutor participants towards academic success
  • accompany women to doctor’s or government offices
  • speak to groups and churches about prevention and awareness
  • organize prevention and awareness campaigns
  • be a friend to women who need new and good friendships
  • offer dental care, eye examinations, medical consultations, physical therapy, occupational therapy
  • assist with administration, filing, social media, marketing, graphic design, care of donors and mailing lists
  • lobby the Bulgarian government to protect the victim and prosecute the abusers and consumers of sexual exploitation
  • organize a campaign against pornography, which is commercial sexual exploitation
  • sponsor a prayer group

We welcome you to join our team of volunteers!
Contact us at and let us know of your interest.

Please support us,

Through Prayer

There is a battle raging for the bodies, hearts and souls of women and their children who are enslaved in the world of prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation, and also for those survivors who are desperately looking for a way to a new life.

We believe that the God of the Bible answers the prayers of his people on the behalf of these women and for those who work with and care for them.

Please support us,

Through Sponsorships

Fun & Focused Fundraising Events

Would you as an individual, or a group of friends, or an organization, or a church family be willing to sponsor a fundraising event for the work of Daughters of Bulgaria?

       *What about a 5-K run?
             *A giant yard sale?
                  *Car wash?
                       *Pick up and throw away the “unnatural stuff” in a park, or along a street, and get sponsors to donate funds for every bag of stuff you collect!
                            *Suggest ideas!!!

Direct Sponsorship

Sponsor a Daughter (and maybe her children, too) in the Rose Garden Program. Send us an email at and ask us about this!

Choose from a List

  • Pay for one or more books, booklets, pamphlets on the list to be translated, published, and distributed
  • Pay for subtitles to be added to informative audio/visual documentaries and lectures
  • Contact us and we will send you our list

Will you give a troubled youth a chance to attend a summer camp?

DofB partners with other organizations and foundations in providing scholarships, sponsorships, and operating funds for vitally important summer camps and follow-up programs for troubled and highly at-risk youth. Help us help them! Let us know at if you are able to help.

A percentage of profits?

Check out what these small entrepreneurships are doing! Would you join us by patronizing them, or consider applying to become a sponsoring entrepreneurship yourself? Please write to us at for more information.